Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Among Older Residents at a Low-Income Apartment House in DC

This study, led by Beverly K. Lunsford, PhD, RN and Shira Klapper, is based on the premise that the opportunity to recount stories is a key to living a meaningful life.  By telling stories, and having those stories heard, we are able to make known the experiences and thoughts that make us unique and to weave the disparate events of our lives into meaningful wholes. The storytelling process might be especially vital for older people, whose experiences and conversation might be obscured by sickness and frailty.

For this study, older residents of a low-income residence in Washington, D.C. will share experiences from their lives and will illustrate their stories with personal photos.   The photos as well as the first-person narratives will be showcased on a website devoted specifically to these digital stories.  In addition, The Center will carry out a qualitative analysis of the story-content in order to discern themes of “life-meaning” and to identify some of the challenges – and strengths- of this particular older population.