Why the Humanities and Healthcare?

Incorporating the humanities with aging and health offers opportunity to gain insight into the intersection of the human experience and the rapidly changing landscape of science, technology and public policy in healthcare. This understanding of the facets of the lives of patients, families and healthcare professionals is reflected in the education, research and clinical services at GW. This occurs through the stories we tell and hear, and the thoughts shared in our common quest for reaching our highest potential and maximizing the quality of our lives and the lives of those for whom we care.

Educational Programs:

Washington DC Area Geriatric Education Center Consortium (WAGECC)
WAGECC integrates the humanities and creative arts as a key educational strategy to engage the health care professionals in a more reflective and collaborative process of learning about care of older adults.

Geriatric Education Using a Palliative Care (GEPaC)
Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program, developing an interactive online education program for interprofessional students to teach an integrated geriatric/palliative care model.