Geriatric Education Using a Palliative Care Framework (GEPaC)

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Since adults over 65 experience an average of 3-5 chronic illnesses that can be treated, but not cured, there is a need for more holistic care that addresses symptoms, suffering, and supportive care.  To address this need, The Center developed the Geriatric Education Using a Palliative Care Framework (GEPaC), which was funded in July 2009 for a 3-year project by the HRSA Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program. With an interprofessional faculty GEPaC is developing an interactive online education program that will enable interprofessional students to teach an integrated geriatric/palliative care model. GEPaC has created an interprofessional team of faculty at GW committed to improving the care of older adults by advocating and teaching this integrated approach in 6 modules, which include Introduction to GEPaC, Person-Centered Care, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Communication, Multidisciplinary Suffering, and Quality of Life.  

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