Person-Centered Care Toolkit


The Person-Centered Care Toolkit (PCCT) is a resource for healthcare professionals to teach concepts for a person-centered approach to care for older adults across healthcare settings. Tools and techniques are included in a three fold approach of the toolkit: as teaching tools for interprofessional healthcare providers, as activities to enable older persons to express themselves and their creative potential, and as self care techniques for healthcare professionals to reenergizes and maintain their ability to provide a person-centered approach to care.

The PCCT is organized around the conceptual framework for Person-Centered Care developed by the WAGECC Project Team as a way to teach person-centered care for healthcare professionals. The model serves as a guide for developing WAGECC geriatric and gerontology curriculum, a guide for faculty as they teach the curriculum, and for evaluating outcomes of WAGECC Programs.  

The framework is comprised of six core elements:

The framework provides a foundation for learner centered education to teach a person-centered approach to care. Faculty have been collecting, utilizing and documenting the value of experiential activities in humanities and creative arts for the Person-Centered Care Toolkit that address various older adult issues and concerns. The toolkit will be maintained on the WAGECC website for access by educators.

The PCCT is easy to follow, can be applied across healthcare settings, and builds on the foundations of the creative arts, imagination, and playfulness through multi-arts expression. Each activity includes objectives, target audience, description of the exercise, expected outcomes, possible adaptations, and how it has been used to date by WAGECC faculty.

The PCCT nurtures the skills of observation, empathy, communication, listening and self-reflection to support healthcare providers and those they care for in gaining insight into human nature including healing, illness, suffering, creativity and personhood.