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Societal Education About Aging for Change (SEAChange) is a public education program that shines a spotlight on media produced for children that portrays realistic and positive images of older people.

The initial SEA Change project was a collaboration with the Children’s Division of American Library Association (Association for Library Service to Children) and The Center for Aging, Health & Humanities at The George Washington University. The collaborators produced a reading list of books that feature positive portrayals of adults in the storyline.

SEA Change is committed to promoting media that portrays aging and intergenerational relationships in a positive light as a way to contribute to the societal infrastructure that will allow children, and everyone else, to promote and access the potential of aging.

As an ongoing project of the Washington DC Center on Aging, our goals with SEAChange are:

  • Update the reading list
  • Expand the list to include other media in addition to books
  • Promote the reading list
    • Produce curriculum modules based on the reading list
    • Engage classrooms, PTAs, and other community outreach
    • Promote the values of SEAChange to the creative community to encourage the production of more stories that include positive images of older adults